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New Years Rodeo Stampede 

Dec. 27, 28 & 29, 2019

*Times: 9am slack & 7pm performance ea day

Kansas City, MO Hale Arena, 1701 American Royal DR, KC, MO 64102

Added Money:  $100 per event, subject to increase up and until time of performance

Entry Fees:  $61RS; $81TE; $68GBR; $98DTR  plus $10 barn fee per contestant

Elec and Stalls available, no tie outs, shavings are not provided, bring your own

Entries:  Monday, Dec. 16  10am-6pm for members  non members entries Dec. 17  10am-2pm

Entry Number:  417-876-2353

SPECIAL DRAW OUT RULE APPROVED BY THE BOARD:  Contestants may draw out until 6pm on Friday, Dec. 20th. After that only Dr. releases or Vet releases (barrels only) will be accepted. Draw will be posted on C.R. McKellips website following draw out time.

*Fri/Sat Format :  Perf will be all Rough Stock and 5 each of the timed events (up to 10 in barrels), all rest of timed event in 9am slack

*Sun Format:  This day all Timed Events will be in slack, only Rough Stock in performance